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Awesome post, Brian. Could you give me your best advice if Im looking to implement a free backlink checker from our website? Perhaps theres an easier way than what Im thinking now which involves a bunch of web development plus APIs from MOZ Majestic. Thanks so much for this insightful post. I have been researching backlinking for our new website and decided it was time for more indepth work. Im thinking Ill try Ahrefs as Im very interested in the Best by Links feature. Moz is next to try! Thanks so much! Brian Dean says.: Hi Sherry, youre welcome. Happy to help. I used SEMrush and Ahrefs and both are useful. well, if I need compare both of them then I feel comfortable with Ahrefs because of easy navigation between tools and results. Matt H says.: Spyglass from SEOPowersuite should be included in my opinion.
Link Alerts - Like Google Alerts for Links. Verify all links on a page. Link Check Tool. Link Verification and Monitoring. Link Recover Tool. Recover broken links with redirects. Link Juice Thief. LJT Link Building Method. Missing Links Tool. MLT Link Building Method. LRT Power Trust Checker. See Strength and Trust of every page you visit. Quick Backlink Checker. Lookup the top backlinks for a domain. Quick Backlink Checker 2. Quick Backlink Check with Link Risk. Quick Domain Compare. Compare SEO metrics for domains. Link Redirect Trace. See all the details of a redirect path. Convenient browsing through links with Screener. LRT SEO Toolbar. See SEO metrics while web browsing. SERP Research Tool. SERP Link Prospecting Method. Link Simulator 2 SIM2. Simulate Links before building them. Strongest Sub Pages Tool. SSPT Link Building Method. Bulk URL Profiler. Analyze 1000s of URLs and find the best links. All SEO Tools included with the Superhero plan.
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In addition, the results list will show you the top backlinks of that page along with many other details about the quality of these links, such as the link rating, link text, or the type of link follow or nofollow, image or text link. What makes a high-quality backlink? Not all links are equal. Various factors influence the quality of backlinks, including.: Link attributes such as nofollow: The nofollow attribute tells search engine crawlers not to follow these links. As a consequence, no link juice is passed on to the linked web pages. This link type is generally less effective in improving your sites rankings, but is still an important part of an organic backlink profile. Anchor text: A links anchor text also known as link text provides search engines with information about the content of the linked page. Although you should aim for a healthy mix of different types of link text, a certain amount of link texts containing your target keyword is recommended. Domain Rating: Links from high-authority domains are usually more beneficial for improving your websites rankings.
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Although some folks might argue that Majestic is a bad backlink checker these days, its still worth a try, especially since it is considerably cheaper than others. The tool has been around for many years, during which time many SEOs have become accustomed to using their assessment, such as Citation Flow or Trust Flow. The team has recently introduced a new feature, called Link Context, which allows you to browse, filter, and search a link so that you find out what its made of in terms of images, text, and even other links and if its a part of a directory. While it has become less and less popular as some tools SEMRush and Ahrefs clearly beat its performance, Majestic is at least worth checking out. While this one is primarily designed to find keywords that you can target, there is a backlink tool available that can allow you to take a peek at how your competition is doing in terms of links. Read more: Blogger outreach. The platform gives you information about the new and lost backlinks of a domain, which ones are dofollow and nofollow, and more. It costs $29 a month and its developed by Neil Patel.
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Audit Your Backlinks. Get the full picture of your backlink profile. Assess their potential harm based on 45 toxicity markers and analyze the negative impact on your websites rankings. Remove Potentially Harmful Backlinks. Create the list of backlinks you would like to remove from your backlink profile. Reach out to the owner of a domain where the link is placed, and ask them to delete the link. If reaching out to a domain owner did not work out, collect backlinks into a txt file and send it directly to the Google Disavow tool. Find New and Lost Domains. Easily track newly obtained, lost, or broken backlinks. Analyze their performance for the last 60 days, and assess their quality. More features for smooth discovery and removal of potentially dangerous backlinks. Check Your Backlinks with Google Search Console. Connect Google Search Console to your Semrush account to spot a greater number of backlinks. Upload an external backlink list directly into the tool. Try It Free.
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What sets Majestic apart from the rest is its dual approach to backlink checking. Your firm can run a mini-audit with Majestics bulk link checker or dive deeper by using Majestics Site Explorer. In addition, Majestics platform provides a Backlink History tool, which looks at your companys link profile over the last five years. Not necessarily essential for every business, but an opportunity to learn from your previous link-building strategies. How do you use it? To use Majestics tools, simply enter your companys URL through their online platform. Majestics bulk backlink checker analyzes the backlink numbers for up to 400 URLs, giving your firm the ability to check your and your competitions sites for quality with just a few clicks of the mouse. Youll also be presented with a trust and citation flow, plus an outline of topics covered on the webpage where your link is used. This gives your firm a speedy way to learn whether your backlinks fit or if youre caught in spam. SEO Review Tools.
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Backlink Watch Free Backlink Tracker Tool, Ahrefs Backlink Analyzer Tool, Rank Signals Free Link Tracking Tool, Ubersuggest are some of the best free backlink checker tools. What are the dofollow and nofollow backlinks? Dofollow links are crucial for your blog as they pass the link juice to the website being linked. On the other hand nofollow links have an nofollow attribute that makes search engine bots know not to follow the links. What are toxic backlinks? Toxic backlinks are the harmful links that may affect the search rankings of your website or even your site may get penalized by Google. Is there any tool paid or free to find spammy or toxic backlinks of a website? Semrush and Ahrefs are the most popular SEO tools to find spammy or toxic backlinks of a website. Final Thoughts On the Best Backlink Checker Tools for 2022. Backlinks are still one of the top-ranking factors in Googles search ranking algorithm. So its essential for all bloggers, SEOs, and website owners to keep an eye on their backlink profile or their competitors.
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Linkgraph is also another very useful toxic backlinks checker tool, this tool can help to improve your SEO with data driven analysis. If you are looking for comprehensive information of your website back link report, then this tool can identify any poor quality links and toxic links that can harm your website performance, so you can identify and take action. Now if you are thinking which one is the best, and worth investing in, then either you experience each tool to see the result, or, you have to trust public review, for me after doing some research and my own experience I feel SemRush is undoubtedly one of the best backlink checker tools in market. Try SemRush Free. You may be interested to read following posts. How to grow website traffic using SEMrush tools. Free keyword research tools for SEO. Top digital marketing tools offering discounts. free backlinks checker tools. Learn search engine optimization and build your business online for free!
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Google Penguin exists as part of the core search engine algorithm, and targets spam links and manipulative link building methods. The Penguin algorithm also considers the entire link profile, and the volume of relevant high-quality links versus the number of spam links. Evaluate the quality of your incoming links. A 14-day trial. No credit card required. Dont let toxic links drag your rankings down! The aim of the Toxic Pages report is to clean up your backlink profile. You can easily monitor this from the Toxic vs non-toxic linking pages widget in My Backlinks. The Backlink Profile Quality widgets help you quickly estimate the number of backlinks pointing to your site, the diversity of linking domains, their value and toxicity. Be notified about any backlink profile changes so you can react as quickly as possible. You can add/remove widgets easily on your WebCEO Project Dashboard. How WebCEO Toxic Backlink Checker Works. URL/Domain to Analyze. Backlink Quality Checker finds backlinks. Web CEO gets backlink data from Majestic.
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Digital Marketing Tools. Keyword Position Tracking Tool. Google Ads Ad Builder and Preview Tools. Website Analytics Reporting Tool. Bad Backlink Checker Tool. Bad Backlink Checker Tool. Home / Digital Marketing Tools / Bad Backlink Checker Tool. Bad Backlink Checker Tool.
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11 Best Backlink Checker Tools of 2022. Neil Patels Backlink Tool. Open Link Profiler. Why Use a Backlink Checker Tool? There are several reasons why youll need a good backlink checker tool. As stated above, backlinks are super important if you want to rank high in the SERPs. In fact, according to Search Engine Land, backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors of Google. Similarly, after he analyzed 1 Million Google search results, Brian Dean discovered that pages with the highest number of backlinks tends to rank higher in Google.: Its also worth mentioning that quality matters when it comes to building links. The higher the quality of websites linking to you, the higher your ranking will be on organic search. Therefore, backlink checker tools will help you to analyze your sites link profile and improve on it! Aside from that, you can also use these tools to spy on your competition to find potential link partners and strengthen your link profile.
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You can quickly export a list of links pointing to your website, very handy when running a thorough backlink audit. You can submit adisavow file through your Search Console account. CGrundy Head of Marketing. The tool I use to analyze backlink data is Ahrefs. I think Ahrefs has the most comprehensive backlink database, and provides great insights into the strength of the URL the link is on. Ahrefs Domain and Page Rating are particularly helpful in this regard. I also love that I can check for broken backlinks. With this data, I can reach out to sites referencing me with a broken link, and ask them to fix it. This is a really easy win. Winbound Owner and Strategic Director. We rely on SEMrush to analyze backlink data. We focus on the site the links are coming from, quality score and the anchor text. What we really like is their listings of contacts for the particular sites. These may not always be accurate, but its a nice start for outreach. We also like the ability to gather follow no follow data. Its helpful in deciding where to place content.

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